Talks with... My-Baba's Leonora Bamford

Leonora Bamford


The entrepreneur, founder of My-Baba and super glam mother of 3, gives us an insight into her life at home and at work, sharing her top tips on juggling a busy life....from her favourite quick & easy kids recipes, to how she unwinds after a frantic day...

Who wakes up first - you or the kids? Sadly me, I set my alarm.  My youngest is normally awake bright and early but falls asleep for another little catnap just before 7!

Early, punctual or eternally late for everything? Before I met my husband I was THE most punctual person but he’s forever running late and it’s rubbed off on me.  It drives me mad!

What do the My-Baba readers love most about your parenting and lifestyle magazine? We get lots of lovely e-mails from mothers reaching out and the one thing that seems to always come back is the fact that we are unbiased and never judge. As mothers I think we all do the best we can and don’t need any added pressure. We try to give sensible advice from professionals in their field wether it be fashion or fertility!

What is your top tip for succeeding in business? God, I don’t know if you could say I’ve succeeded but I would definitely say, ‘keep at it’. If you want something and believe in it enough, dreams can come true.

What do you love most about your job? I love and hate that I’m my own boss, it means that you never switch off but it does mean that you only have to ask yourself if you want to bunk off and watch the children playing matches or take them to the dr.  You always find time for the important things.

When you have time to indulge yourself what do you do? It’s pretty rare with 3 now but a massage, pilates or a bottle or red wine at home with my husband! I always find time for chocolate!

Top 3 tips for a successful children’s party? I’m a copious list maker so I would say Organisation, fun ideas and an entertainer who’s brilliant with children.  Most people know Sharky & George.  I’ve used them for 10 years and they NEVER fail to get a child involved.  I’m a sucker for a goody bag and they don’t need to cost the world, do mine for £4 each and they are pretty mega and have also just launched the most dreamy ‘Party in a Box’.

Sharky & George Parties

Go to healthy kids recipe when time is short and little bellies are rumbling? I’m totally obsessed with Lizzie Loves Healthy and her Immune Boost Pesto is delish and a bit of a go to at the moment and the kids love making her Sweet Potato and Spinach Bhajis, so easy! I always have frozen bananas on sticks in the freezer for a super easy pud, eaten solo or rolled in anything.

Favourite day out in London with all 3 kids? So boring but it has to be I love it there and then the the new soft play is great for my little one.

Favourite brands for all 3 kids? Oooo that’s a hard one, can I have 3 for each?! Since having my first there has been an explosion of amazing brands.  Mini Rodini, Scamp and Dude and Stella kids for fun, playful make you smile clothes.  Bonton, La Coqueta and Rachel Riley for dreamy old fashioned and Zara, Gap and M&S for staples.  Oh and Gucci just to drool over!

Zara Kids 

Perfect baby shower gift? My mother in law gave me a Bamford Baby heart Onesie that I loved, my mother knitted me a gorgeous cashmere hat and blanket and my best friend have me a box of things just for me!  Pj’s, Arnica, Juice, a great book, bed socks.  All spot on!

Dream date night? Steak and chips at home with my husband and a great movie or sushi with lots of Sake.  Again with the husband!!!!

Exercise - love it or hate it or both? Bit of both, I hate the idea of it but when I’m lying in the bath after a work out I always feel quite smug!

After a long day top 3 ways to unwind? Bubble bath, corona then fall asleep to the Calm app wearing  a Space Mask.

Olivia Von Halle Silk Pyjamas 



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